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Claude Xavier Style is a versatile performer in voiceovers, acting, modeling, and cosplaying.

Height: 5'8" | Eye Color: Brown | Hair Color: Black

As a performance artist, Claude Xavier has honed their skills in various mediums. With a passion for bringing characters to life, they have dedicated their career to mastering their craft. Whether it's lending their voice to an animated character, embodying a dramatic role on stage or screen, or showcasing their talents as a model or cosplayer, Claude Xavier is a dynamic artist who is always pushing the boundaries of his art.

Claude Xavier's unique set of skills and talents make him an ideal fit for a wide range of performances. From voiceover work to portraying complex characters in film and theater, he brings a level of dedication and professionalism to everything they do. His special skills include:
- Singing
- Dancing
- Capoeira
- Improv
- Motorcyclist



The History of Hip Hop: Volume Four                          Eric Reese  The History of Hip Hop: Volume Five                           Eric Reese 

The History of Trap: Volume Six                                   Eric Reese

Dreamweaver                                                             NeNe Capri

Three Sister's Ponds                                                  Phillip Reed


Last Day                                                                   TFC Originals

A World Without Neighbors                                    TFC Originals

Xonerate Defense                                                       Noximation

Friendly Neighborhood the Sequel                                         VIII

Dancing Echoes of the Past | Sims 4 VO                  Mystic Waterz

Digital Comic Books​

The Warrior Returns                                                  BizarreASMR

Crimson Waltz                                                Alpha Bird Cardinal

Online Ads​

Power Your Potential                                    Dominican University


Broken Windows               Your Ra' Conteurs'                                Supporting Actor
​Unpleasant Excitement     Sherry Wright-Gully                              Supporting Actor
​The Dinner Detective       Clearly Confused Entertainment Inc.     Improv Actor

Murder Mystery Texas      Keith & Margo                                        Improv Actor 


6 Shots | DLP| Supporting Actor

Cosplay Guest

Hero Con                                Fort Myers, FL            2023

Fan Expo St. Louis           St. Louis, MO          2022

Mission City Hero Fest     San Antonio, TX     2021

Fan Expo Dallas               Dallas, TX               2021

MegaCon                         Orlando, FL            2021

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